Bike Again flyer (2019)

I wanted it to be eye-catching and contain all relevant info but still fit comfortably on a half- or quarter-page, and, of course, present a youthful, energetic, ‘punky’ DIY aesthetic. There are two main purposes to design – the first is to facilitate comprehension via visual cues (eg: large bold heading text tells the reader “here is a new section and this is what it’s about”), and the second is to set the tone – think about what someone might think about Bike Again after seeing this flyer, vs what they might think if it looked more professional – or more childlike.

bike again flyer

Beyond my own tenderness towards Bike Again (I’ve been volunteering there for almost two years and am the Volunteer Coordinator), I’m also very fond of this flyer because while creating it, I couldn’t find good online resources for the grease smudges, so I went outside to my bike in the dead of night, rubbed my fingers on the chain, made some smudges on some paper, and scanned them – the smudges in this flyer are my own fingerprints, smudging grease from my own bike!