HFPA website edits (2019)

hfpa website edits
LEFT: Before, RIGHT: After my edits

The HFPA (Halifax Food Policy Alliance) had a limited budget and was limited also by their WordPress plan, which didn’t allow the use of plug-ins or custom themes. My challenge was to work within these limitations and figure out the best viable solution to the problems they were trying to solve. I avoided changing how they updated and interacted with the site in all possible cases. These edits ranged from a few lines of code that added “(PDF)” after links to PDFs (to act as warning to visitors with a slow or limited internet connection), to a complete restructuring of the header area and front page – I added rotating header images to create “breathing room” and set the tone, added their logo+name inside the header, moved the blog posts to a separate page to focus on their mission on the front page (creating many other methods for users to discover the blog), and created and integrated a sign-up form, among other things.