Camping Packing List Generator (2019)

I find packing for camping kind of stressful, because I often forget something crucial. I wanted to create something I’d actually use, and I wanted to play with JS data handling. So in September I took two weeks off from developing this site and made this camping packing list generator. Input how many people are coming, how many nights you’ll be gone (0 for a day trip), whether you’ll be biking and whether you’re expecting rain, and it’ll generate a to-do list for you, with the ability to add your own items. You can also grab the plain-text to copy/screenshot. We’ve used it several times since September – as it gets colder though I realize I forgot to include a “is it going to be below zero” option! There are lots of ways I’d like to expand this but for now it stands on its own as a fairly useful little experiment.

See it live here:

Note I also made the background illustration! Inspired by a recent bikepacking trip that took me through Northern Maine.